Expertise and valuation of your assets

Our team, made up of experts approved in France, offers you:
Expertise and valuation of ancient and contemporary tapestry

A team of specialized experts assists you with the expertise, estimation and sale of your tapestries and antique rugs.

The expert activity of Galerie Lissier:
- Estimation of your textile assets with a view to sharing or up-to-date market value

- Expertise before or after disaster at the request of individuals or insurance companies.

- Expertise and support for auctions and also private sales.

- You will receive within 24 hours an objective, confidential and non-binding estimate, based on the auction results of similar properties.

What is the art éxpertb profession? 

The art expert is responsible for the authentication of objects and works of art (tapestry, carpets, suzani, paintings, jewelry, watches, ceramics, etc.).
Thus he will determine their value, their origin, the author...
An art expert works within a museum, an expertise firm or as a freelancer. At each expertise, the art expert does additional research to confirm his judgment.

Qualities to be an expert in art ?

An art expert must have several skills and qualities:
know the art market;
know the different artistic currents;
have knowledge of art history;
speak a foreign language;
be able to make a diagnosis;
to be curious ;
to be polyvalent ;
to be rigorous ;
have good interpersonal skills ;
have a sense of observation;
have good communication.

The expertise and the estimate of your tapestries and your carpets

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* Appraisals Written On Expert Headed Paper Are Chargeable, At The Rate Of 50€ HT, Whatever The Value Of The Object.*

Expertise Et Estimation De La Tapisserie Ancienne Et Contemporaine

 Expertise Et Estimation Du Tapis Ancien Et Contemporain